Friday, July 13, 2012

Mocha Granola

So I originally intended to make this recipe just for my husband.  He loves granola and coffee and I thought mocha granola would be a fun way for him to start the day.  What I wasn't expecting was that I would like it so much! I've already had a bowl for breakfast yesterday morning and might be munching on some more right now.

This granola is GREAT with milk (or yogurt, I bet) for breakfast but it's also a delicious snack all by itself.  I cut down on the sweetness so I was a little worried that it wouldn't be sweet enough or that the coffee flavor wouldn't be enough.  While I'm sure we could always make the coffee flavor stronger (we really like our coffee), I really enjoyed the sweetness -- it's not overly sweet but is perfect with the bits of chocolate in the granola.  The chocolate isn't overwhelming and isn't in every bite but is a real treat when you do get some.

With any granola recipe, it's easy to make changes to the recipe.  I used coconut oil instead of canola, added in extra shredded coconut (because I thought a coffee-chocolate-coconut combination would be delicious!), omitted the nutmeg and salt, used walnuts instead of hazelnuts, added wheat germ and chia seeds...the list goes on!  I also didn't measure out some of the ingredients but just eyeballed the proportions. Feel free to make changes based on your taste preferences or what you have on hand.

Mocha Granola
Taken from: Annie's Eats
Makes 10 cups (I cut this recipe down to 2/3)


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